How to Check Online Pharmacies’ Pedigree

To investigate any health-related matters, such as which online pharmacies are reliable or if anyone else has used a pharmacy without prescription requirements, careful internet can search relevant health forum discussion boards. There are lots of health forums especially for discussing online pharmacies that other forum users have had experience with. They can also be used for researching particular online pharmacies they you might be considering buying products from, or finding a good online pharmacy if you haven’t yet found one. An even quicker way than trawling through forums is to use a pharmacy reviews website. There are a few of these around and there is even one free site out there. Reviews websites for online pharmacies have done the hard work of finding out whether particular online pharmacies — for example Mexican pharmacies online, or online pharmacies without prescription requirements — are reputable. They can provide a reassuringly well-checked way of finding out if a pharmacy you wish to use is reliable. Often they have user feedback features to read what other people, who have bought there, thought about that pharmacy too.

But there are are other, less tangible benefits to using a forum to search for this sort of information instead, even if it is not the most efficient way to search for reliable pharmacies online:

It can be comforting to get answers from real people on a health forum. This is especially the case for people who suffer from certain medical problems that they feel, due to embarrassment or lack of understanding, they cannot discuss with family or friends. However, obviously chat on forums should be taken with a pinch of salt and never be a substitute for advice from your physician. Probably one of the best features of online pharmacy forums is that you can ask any of the discussants any questions about pretty much anything related to the topic, extending your knowledge. You will find forum participants tend to be very helpful on the whole.

By either reading and joining in the discussions on online pharmacy forums, or using an online pharmacy reviews website you won’t fall into the same trap that others have fallen into before you. Such information could save you from being ripped-off. There are a handful of unreliable and sometimes even criminal online pharmacies out there, but pharmacy reviews websites normally have a blacklist of rip-off pharmacies to look out for, so you can avoid these by checking one of these review websites.

Some things to look for in joining or reading an online pharmacy forum to check that the forum has reliable information on are forums that receive a lot of visitors, usually the more the better. Many people use forums or pharmacy reviews websites these days and their numbers are growing exponentially. People might look for Mexican pharmacies online or online pharmacies without prescription requirements, or they might just look for a hard to find prescription medication that it would be cheaper to buy online (it is almost always cheaper to buy online). Some people like to find generic (non-branded) versions of popular drugs. By looking on health forums or pharmacy reviews websites they can tell, not only if they will save money shopping online, but also that they can rest assured their package will arrive in a timely manner.

Becoming A Pharmacy Technician in California

It’s no big secret that health care industry is thriving and will continue to do so in the immediate and long term future. The baby boomers, the largest consumer demographic the world has ever seen, are moving on to their golden years and defining active retirement. Here in California, they’re taking scuba diving lessons, learning different dance styles, and taking up hiking.

However, in order to keep up a busy lifestyle, they’ll have to maintain their health. Already, we are seeing hospitals, clinics, and physicians group growing next to retirement communities and vice-versa. Google search for San Diego retirement community and many of them highlight easy access to health care.

One of the primary necessity for senior health care is access to prescription medicine. The only professionals that are licensed by the state of California who can provide such services are the pharmacists. But they need assistance and the help is provided by pharmacy technicians.


Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists provide medicine and other prescribed health care products to patients. In a retail setting, pharmacy techs typically provide the customer service, the stocking of medicine and medical supplies, answer the phone, and other tasks.

In hospitals and physicians offices, pharmacy technicians check prescriptions for accuracy, prepare the proper dosage of medicine, and maintain medicine data on the patients. They also assist as required by the licensed pharmacist.


According to the California State Board of Pharmacy, there are three ways to qualify for work as a Pharmacy Technician in California:

1) Finish an academic coursework or graduate from a qualifying school:

– get an associate degree in pharmacy technology

– complete a training course accredited by the American Society of Health-System

Pharmacists (ASHP);

– complete a course that provides a minimum of 240 hours instruction as specified in

section 1793.6 (c) of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations.

– graduate from a school of pharmacy accredited by the American Council on

Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE).

2) Certification (with proof) from a branch of the military.

3) Certification by passing the PTC Exam as given by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

A completed application with the filing fee of $50 and fingerprints are also required.

Finally, becoming a pharmacy technician is a great career choice. The health care field is expanding. And those looking for a challenging job requiring detail-oriented skills will find the position fulfilling. It can be a lifelong career choice because it’s a 9-5 job that will allow for family life. But it is flexible enough so that it can be used as a stepping stone to other positions in the healthcare industry such as becoming a licensed pharmacist.